Production Line Sensors

Use Ultrasonic Sensors to Streamline Your Production Line Processes

Ultrasonic sensors can be applied to the manufacturing process for automated process control on the factory floor while also being an indispensible tool for companies to maximize efficiency through precise measurement and control.

Potential Applications for Ultrasonic Sensors

High speed counting

Detect Irregularities

Liquid level control

Sensing for Robotics

Box Sorting Scheme

Process Control

Ultrasonic Sensors Built for Manufacturing Applications

Migatron ultrasonic sensors are designed and manufactured in the US. Our company is committed to building a quality product, and we maintain an ISO 9001, ATEX, and IECEx certified quality management system.

Our sensors can be used for dozens of applications in a manufacturing environment, from enhancing product line efficiency to process automation. Our team of engineers can consult with your company to provide guidance related to selection and implementation of Migatron’s ultrasonic sensors in your manufacturing process.

Find a Sensor that Fits Your Production Line

  • Analog Voltage or Pulse Width
  • Low Cost
  • Broad Sensing Beam
  • N.O. & N.C. Relay Output
RPS-401A, 426A
  • Adjustable Zero & Span
  • 40″ & 80″ Ranges

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