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Our Case Studies on Ultrasonic Sensing

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Ultrasonic Success Stories

Ultrasonic Sensors are quickly becoming the leading industry standard, being used around the world and in the harshest environments. Migatron’s Ultrasonic Sensors can solve sensing solutions for industries across the board. From food production and bottling to distance measurement and sensing in hazardous environments, our sensors can help streamline your facility with ease.

With proximity detection and ranging measurements that are tough and reliable, you can count on Migatron’s ultrasonic sensors to help find the solution for you.

Reliable Ultrasonic Sensing Solutions

Our field-tested products are capable of meeting unique needs with a variety of options to help you find a solution. Tough and reliable, we’ve had sensors running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since 1980 without fail.

The Migatron Advantage:

  • Resistance to external disturbances
  • Measure & detect moving objects
  • Can detect small objects over long distances
  • Less affected by surface
  • Not affected by color

Migatron’s Ultrasonic Sensing Case Study Topics

Ultrasonic Sensing Applications

For over 40 years, Migatron has used advanced technology to serve a broad range of industries. Ultrasonic Sensing’s unique advantages over conventional sensors has created a rapid increase in the range of applications, as they are becoming the industry standard across the board.

These are just a few of our Ultrasonic Sensing Applications:

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Tank Level Sensors

Liquid level sensors are integral to process control and inventory management in many industries.

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Production Line Sensing

Apply our sensors to your factory to streamline your process control.

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Distance Measurement

Ultrasonic sensors can measure the distance to a wide range of objects.