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Customer Ask: Ability to Record Waste Water Flow

A wastewater treatment plan wanted to record wastewater flow from the v-notch weir (an open channel hi-volume flow measurement device) to satisfy their EPA discharge permit requirements. The other challenges facing the customer included that the v-notch weir is a non-linear device and the water flow is turbulent.

Application Requirements:

  • A sensor with an analog output
  • An operational range of 36 inches
  • A sensor with a high level of accuracy
  • A sealed, self-contained sensor
  • A narrow beam sensor
  • A sensor solution within their budget

The Migatron Solution

Our experts recommended the RPS-401A-40. By inverting the RPS-401A‘s 4-20mA analog output, we were able to allow the customer to set the 4mA at zero flow and the 20mA at maximum flow. The 4-20mA signal was sent to a chart recorder, which had a square-root chart. The chart recorder converted the 4-20mA linear signal to an accurate flow graph, meeting one of the client’s requirements. The RPS-401A-40 sensor also met the customer’s other requirements.

Did You Know:

Ultrasonic signals are like audible sound waves, only the frequencies are much higher. Migatron’s ultrasonic transducers have piezoelectric crystals that resonate to a desired frequency and convey electrical energy and vice versa.

Ultrasonic sensors operate by transmitting a series of ultrasonic sound waves in a cone-shaped pattern. The sound waves reflect from a target and are received by the sensor. The sensor measures the time interval between transmitting and receiving the sound wave. Calculated by the speed of sound, the time interval is converted to a distance measurement.

RPS-401A-40 features:

  • A sensing range of 4″ to 40″
  • A narrow sensing beam
  • Adjustable zero & span controls
  • LED strength indicator, for easy setup
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Analog current & voltage outputs
  • Inverted & non-inverted analog outputs
  • A solid-state sensor that will provide the customer with a virtually unlimited maintenance free lifespan

Other environmental monitoring applications that require a history of data collection, where the RPS-401A can be applied are:

  • Fresh water and waste flow monitoring
  • Stream level reservoir data

Customer Satisfaction

The customer has purchased 50 sensors to date. These have worked perfectly for over 18 months. The customer has decided to standardize on Migatron’s ultrasonic sensors, exclusively.

The sensor’s range LED indicator illuminates red when the target is being detected. The customers found this to be a real-time saver during set-up. The RPS-450-72 provides the customer with precise proximity sensing, regardless of the color, density, or transparency of the target.

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