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Customer Ask: Conveyor Line Maintenance

The customer was having problems with the photocells on their conveyor lines. The main problems were dirt accumulation and misalignment of reflectors. The problem was compounded by the need to track a 36″ 200 lb. CRT, as well as a matrix panel which is installed inside the CRT. During production, these two parts are prepared on separate conveyors and then mated together at the end process. Because of the frequent failure rate of the photocells, the customer was experiencing loss of production, increased scrap, and increased maintenance costs.

Application Requirements: 

  • A position and presence detection sensor
  • A sensor resistant to a hostile environment
  • A durable sensor with a high level of reliability and accuracy
  • A sensor that can be easily installed
  • A sensing range of 5″ to 20″


The Migatron Solution:

One sensor was required to sense the presence of each part on the conveyor, at various stages along the conveyors. A second sensor was needed to position the two parts, as they arrived on separate conveyors, for the final mating process.

We recommended the RPS-401-40, as it meets and exceeds all of the customer’s requirements. The customer was able to use the RPS-401-40 for both the presence detection application and the positioning application.

Did You Know:

Migatron now offers long-range sensors with a 40-foot maximum range.

This long-range sensor has many attractive features such as:

  • Simple Calibration
  • Non-Contact Sensing
  • Self-Contained
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Analog 4-20mA Output
  • Sensitivity Control
  • Easy Installation
  • LED Indicator
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Microprocessor Design
RPS-401A migatron.com | Ultrasonic Sensors | (815)-338-5800

RPS-401-40 Features:

  • An easy to install stud mounted, self-contained sensor
  • A sensing range of 4″-40″
  • An LED indicator, for easy setup
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • N.O. & N.C. solid state relay outputs

Customer Satisfaction

Because of the proven reliability and accuracy of the RPS-401-40, the customer purchased and installed 25 on each conveyor line. The sensors have now been installed for several years.

The customer has expressed that they are very satisfied with the performance of the Migatron sensors. The results have been a dramatic reduction in downtime and the amount of scrap. Maintenance costs have also been reduced.

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