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Ultrasonic Transducers

Migatron does not sell ultrasonic transducers.  You can learn more about ordering ultrasonic transducers by visiting Parsonicscorp.com.

migatron.com | Ultrasonic Sensors | (815) 338-5800

Parsonics Corporation

Ultrasonic transducers for ultrasonic sensors. Used for distance measuring, level monitoring, presence detection, ranging, proximity sensing and many other automated, industrial and scientific applications. If you don’t find the transducer you need, contact us to discuss a custom design.

  • 14 kHz to 1.5 mHz
  • Ranges from 1 inch to 100 feet
  • In stock or custom designs
  • Waterproof models
  • 3-A housings
  • Explosion proof
  • Drive/Receive Circuitry
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Transformers