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Please read the Migatron Semi-Custom policy before submitting the form.

MIGATRON SEMI-CUSTOM POLICY If one of our over 150 standard sensor models does not meet the specifications that you require for your application, we offer semi-custom and custom sensors.
Migatron has been very successful in assisting our customers to solve their unique sensing requirements. Based on our years of expertise with semi-custom sensors, please feel free to contact our friendly staff so we may assist you with your difficult sensing applications.

The following policy spells out the sequence of events when teaming up with Migatron to develop a semi-custom sensor.
Migatron and the customer agree on a specification for the needed sensor.
Migatron will quote the customer for the semi-custom product. The quote will include the price of the sensor and the Modification plus Documentation charge.
The customer has 10 working days from the date the semi-custom product is delivered to make sure the product performs to specification. If the customer wants further modifications, steps 1 and 2 apply. If the sensor does not perform to the agreed-upon specifications the customer may return the sensor to Migatron for a refund.
Production orders of semi-custom sensors in quantities less than 10 will be subject to a run charge per order. For orders 10 pieces or greater the run charge will be waived.