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Applications of Ultrasonic Sensors

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About Ultrasonics

Ultrasonic sensors are used around the world, indoors and outdoors in the harshest conditions, for a variety of applications. Our ultrasonic sensors, made with piezoelectric crystals, use high-frequency sound waves to resonate a desired frequency and convert electric energy into acoustic energy, and vice versa. Sound waves are transmitted to and reflected from the target back to the transducer. Targets can have any reflective form, even round. Certain variables, such as target surface angle, changes in temperature and humidity, and reflective surface roughness, can affect the operation of the sensors.

There are two types of ultrasonic sensors

Proximity Detection: An object passing within the preset range will be detected and generate an output signal. The detect point is independent of target size, material or reflectivity.

Ranging Measurement: Precise distance(s) of an object moving to and from the sensor are measured via time intervals between transmitted and reflected bursts of ultrasonic sound. Distance change is continuously calculated and outputted.


Ultrasonic Sensing Applications

Migatron has been using advanced technology to solve difficult sensing and control problems for nearly 40 years across a broad range of industries. With unique advantages over conventional sensors and the rapidly increasing range of applications, ultrasonic sensors are becoming widely accepted as an industry standard.

About Migatron

Migatron has used the advanced technology of ultrasonic sensing to solve an array of problems across a wide range of industries since 1979. Our field-tested products are capable of meeting unique needs with a variety of options to help you find a solution. Tough and reliable, we’ve had sensors running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since 1980 without fail. If our standard sensors can’t do the job, we will work with you to design an ultrasonic sensor that meets your needs.

The Migatron Advantage

  • Resistance to external disturbances such as vibrations, infrared radiation, ambient noise & EMI radiation
  • Measure & detect moving objects from discrete distances
  • Can detect small objects over long operating distances
  • Less affected by target materials & surfaces
  • Not affected by color

Typical Applications:

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Tank Level

Liquid-level sensors are integral to process control and inventory management in many industries.

At Migatron, we engineer two types of level sensors, point-level sensors (proximity sensors) and continuous-level sensors (analog sensors). The type of sensor appropriate for your liquid level measurement depends on the application.

Production Line Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors can be applied to the manufacturing process for automated process control on the factory floor while also being an indispensable tool for companies to maximize efficiency through precise measurement and control.

Ultrasonic sensors can streamline the production processes.

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Typical Applications:

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Distance Measurement

Ultrasonic sensors can measure the distance to a wide range of objects regardless of shape, color or surface texture. They are also able to measure an approaching or receding object.

15 Applications Using Migatron Ultrasonic Sensors:

  • Loop control
  • Roll diameter, tension control, winding, and unwind
  • Liquid level control
  • Thru beam detection for high-speed counting
  • Full detection
  • Thread or wire break detection
  • Robotic sensing
  • Stacking height control
  • 45° Deflection; inkwell level detection; hard to get at places
  • People detection for counting
  • Contouring or profiling using ultrasonic systems
  • Vehicle detection for car wash and automotive assembly
  • Irregular parts detection for hoppers and feeder bowls
  • Presence detection
  • Box sorting using a multi-transducer ultrasonic monitoring system
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