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Conveyor Bulk Materials Level Control

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Customer Ask: Conveyor Materials Level Control

The customer is a manufacturer of raw sugar and black strap molasses. The application was to maintain a level in the main sugar cane carrier or conveyor. In the past, this was accomplished by manual monitoring and control. This was a time-consuming operation which reduced the productivity and efficiency of the plant. The main sugar cane carrier was located outside and is exposed to temperature ranges of 30°F to 100°F and extreme variations in climate’ including rain, fog, wind, dust, mud, and small waste particles.

Application Requirements:

  • The Sugar Cane Carrier is 8ft. wide by 12ft. high
  • A non-contact sensor
  • Analog output of 4-20mA
  • Sensitivity control
  • Temperature compensation
  • A sensor that will allow for easy installation


The Migatron Solution

All of the customer’s needs were met by the features available with the RPS-4000. This solution also resolved all environmental issues with the use of sealed PVC housing and PVC sensing face, as well as a water-tight quick disconnect connector. The plant engineer and plant manager have been very pleased with the performance of Migatron’s sensor because it has increased the productivity and efficiency of the plant.

Did you know:

With the incorporation of a micro-controller into the design of the RPS-4000, many of the common problems facing long-range sensing applications have been overcome. The software was developed to optimize the performance characteristics of the sensors. This artificial intelligence analyzes and conditions the return ultrasonic echo. This process filters out any false echoes and electrical noise. An additional task that the micro-controller does is temperature compensation.

RPS-4000 Features:

  • A non-contact sensing method
  • A range of 40 ft. which meets the customer’s needs for a sensor with a range of 12 ft.
  • A microprocessor-based design to solve many of the common problems associated with long-range applications.

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