Ultrasonic Sensing & Control is Our Only Business

Ultrasonic Sensors Made in the US and Engineered to Last

Since 1979, Migatron has used advanced technology to solve difficult sensing and control problems across a broad range of industries. Many Migatron sensors installed in the 1980’s have been running continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without a breakdown to this very day – a testament to quality and durability. Each of our sensors is available with options to accommodate your requirements. If our standard options don’t get the job done, we’ll design custom units to meet your needs.

Common Applications

Advantages of Ultrasonic Sensors

When used for sensing, ultrasonic sensors provide a variety of unique advantages over conventional sensors. These advantages include the ability to measure and detect distances to moving objects, imperviousness to target surface and color, detection of small objects over distances, and resistance to environmental variables.

Ultrasonic sensors have long been used for range measurement, tank level control, web break and proximity detection when difficult environments, challenging reflection surfaces or the need for extreme accuracy render other sensor technologies unsuitable.


Ultrasonic Sensors

Self-Contained Sensors
Devices where the sensor and the controller are built into the same unit. Ranges 2 inches to 40 feet.

Intrinsically Safe Sensors and Accessories
Ultrasonic sensors for use in environments classified as hazardous. Ranges 4 inches to 18 feet.

High Accuracy Sensor
For precision distance measurements ranging from 3”-16”. Accuracy = ±0.002” Resolution= ±0.0005”

Close Range Sensors
Detect objects within 2″ to 40″.

LCU-40APW Sensor
Range: 4-40″
Low Cost, Narrow Sensing Beam with Analog Voltage Output & Pulse Width Output.

Set Point Controllers Adjustable set point controllers with your choice of one or four set points.

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