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Long Range Level Control

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Customer Ask: Silo Mixture Level Monitoring

The customer is an industrial building materials manufacturer who needs to monitor the level of a sand/gravel mixture in a silo, used to make concrete. This was typically accomplished by a worker looking into the silo. However, because of the thick dust created by the mixture, as it was poured into the silo, the readings were often inaccurate.

The temperature inside the silo ranges from 40°F to 110°F. It is well insulated from rain and wind. The silo is 40 feet tall with a circular diameter of 15 feet.

Application Requirements: 

  • A sensing range of 10′ to 40′
  • A non-contact sensor that can be used in an extremely dense, dust environment
  • A sensor that is self-contained and easy to mount
  • An analog output of 4-20mA
  • A sensor with built-in temperature compensation

The Migatron Solution

We recommended the RPS-4000 long-range sensor, which meets all of the customer’s needs with its 2′ to 40′ range and 4-20mA analog output. This is a non-contact sensor that uses ultrasonic sound waves to measure distance. The RPS-4000 also has a temperature probe built into the transducer head. Migatron’s RPS-4000 is constructed with a sealed PVC housing and PVC sensing face, as well as a water-tight quick disconnect connector. The sensor’s sealed construction also resolved all environmental issues with the dust.

Did You Know:

With the incorporation of a microcontroller into the design of the RPS-4000, many of the common problems facing long-range sensing applications have been overcome.

Software was developed to optimize the performance characteristics of the sensor. The artificial intelligence analyzes and conditions the return ultrasonic echo. This process filters out any false echoes and electrical noise. The microcontroller is also responsible for the temperature compensation feature.

RPS-4000 migatron.com | Ultrasonic Sensors | (815)-338-5800

RPS-4000 Features:

  • A non-contact ultrasonic sensor that can be used in extremely dusty environments
  • A long-range sensor with a range of 2′ to 40′
  • A self-contained sensor that is easy to mount and calibrate
  • A sensor with built-in temperature compensation
  • An analog output of 4-20mA
  • A micro-controller based design, which filters out false triggers due to ambient and background noise
  • A solid-state sensor that has virtually unlimited life-span and maintenance free
  • A sensor that has sensitivity/gain adjustment

Customer Satisfaction

Again, the RPS-4000 meets the customer’s needs by providing them a sensitivity control that allows the sensor to be adjusted by the customer so it will work well in different applications and on different materials.

The customer has been using the Migatron RPS-4000 in this application for several months now with great success and is planning on installing it nationwide.

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