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About Migatron

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Ultrasonic Sensing & Control is Our Only Business

Since 1979, Migatron Corporation (Migatron) has successfully provided ultrasonic sensor technology to our customers with over one million sensors sold to over 500 industries worldwide. A family-owned company in its third generation, Migatron grew over the years by focusing exclusively on ultrasonic sensor technology, tackling difficult applications where existing sensors needed modification or a custom design. Unlike other ultrasonic sensor technology companies, Migatron offers direct-to-engineering discussion for customization and a personalized approach. This approach has allowed the company to help countless original equipment manufacturers by incorporating ultrasonic sensing technology into their new equipment and/or retrofitting older equipment. 

Migatron’s sensor technology provides ultrasonic level measurement, ultrasonic proximity detection, and ultrasonic ranging measurement to a wide array of industries. For over 40 years, Migatron’s ultrasonic sensors have been used in a wide variety of applications providing countless sensing solutions.

Ultrasonic Sensing Applications

  • Absence detection of an object
  • Backup detection
  • Belt position monitoring
  • Bin level
  • Cap in proper position
  • Class 1 Division 1 intrinsically safe ultrasonic sensors
  • Container counting
  • Container detection
  • Conveyer applications
  • Dancer loop monitoring
  • Differential height detection
  • Edge detection
  • Edge guide
  • Empty or full process control
  • Feeder bowl detection and control
  • Filler level control
  • Filling process control including overflow prevention
  • Gap detection
  • Gate control
  • High level bin or tank alarm detection
  • High speed counting
  • Hole detection
  • Ink level detection
  • Jam recognition
  • Label counting
  • Label detection
  • Lead edge detection
  • Level control in small or large vessels