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Ultrasonic Liquid Level Measurement

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Customer Ask: Level Sensor for Caustic Fluid

The customer needs the ability to monitor the liquid level of a warm acid bath and provide a continual status report to process control – the bath tank is 5 feet deep.

Application Requirements:

  • A stainless-steel transducer & housing to withstand the acid bath
  • A threaded sensor for easy mounting
  • An operating frequency that eliminates ambient and background noise
  • A consistent sensing range of at least 5 feet
  • An analog signal output of 4-20mA, inverted (20mA for the top of the tank, 4mA for the bottom) – compatible with their controllers
  • Use of available onsite voltage of 24VDC to drive the sensor


The Migatron Solution

In order to address the customer’s needs and requirements we turned to the RPS-426A-80, due to it being a sensor that is stud-mounted, completely self-contained, and housed in stainless steel. Given the client’s need to monitor an acid bath (an environment where traditional sensors would not be applicable), the stainless-steel housing offered the perfect protection from this hostile environment and allowed for accurate measurement without worry.

Did You Know:

Some of the unique advantages of ultrasonics that make it “the technology that works” are:

  • Measures and detects distances to moving objects
  • Impervious to target materials, surface, and color
  • Solid-state units have virtually unlimited, maintenance-free lifespans
  • Detects small objects over long operating distances
  • Resistance to external disturbances such as vibrations, infrared radiation, ambient noise, and EMI radiation
  • Ultrasonic sensors are resistant to dust, dirt, and high-moisture environments

RPS-426A-80 Features:

  • Flexible, simple four-wire device, featuring both voltage and current outputs that can be used in a non-inverted or inverted mode
  • Ability to scale range to depth (in this case 5 ft.) of the tank with zero and span controls supplied for exact adjustment
  • Stainless-steel transducer and stainless-steel housing provide protection from hostile environments (the acid bath)
  • Built-in short circuit protection for outputs as well as reverse polarity protection on inputs
  • 30mm diameter by 100mm length in stainless steel housing
  • Easily mounted self-contained sensor
  • Sensing range of 8”-80”
  • Narrow sensing beam
  • High frequency of 150Khz, eliminating false triggers due to ambient and background noise
  • Operating voltage of 20-30VDC, allowing the customer to use the available onsite voltage of 24VDC
  • Analog outputs of 0-10 volts and 4-20mA

Customer Satisfaction

For setup purposes, an LED strength indicator is provided. The LED is green when not detecting a target. The color can vary from yellow to bright red when detecting a target depending on how strong the reflected signal is from the target. Yellow indicates a weak signal and bright red indicates a strong signal.

The customer found this feature of Migatron’s unique LED indicator to be very useful for setup purposes as it shows and verifies how well the target material is aligned.

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