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Ultrasonic Conveyor Speed Control

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Customer Ask: High-Speed Conveyor Sensing

The customer makes a small, dark-colored food product in large quantities each day that is conveyed to packaging through the use of twelve high-speed conveyors. When one of these conveyors jams, the product spills over to the floor. The customer needs to be able to detect the amount of product on each conveyor and send a signal back to the drive controlling the conveyors when the product gets too high.

Application Requirements:

  • A sensor to replace the faulty photoelectric sensors that were causing problems
  • A non-contact sensor, because they produce a food product
  • A sensor that works in proximity mode
  • The sensor must not be affected by changes in color
  • A sensor that can “see” dark colors
  • A sensor able to sense irregular surfaces
  • The sensor must be able to use 120VAC as no DC power is available
  • A sensor that could be easily mounted to the conveyor at a range of 3 to 4 feet
  • On/off detection with solid-state outputs for maintenance free unlimited lifespan


The Migatron Solution

In addressing the client’s specific needs, we found that the RPS-450-72 would meet all the requirements necessary to solve their conveyor problems. A self-contained ultrasonic proximity sensor powered by 120VAC with a 30mm barrel-style housing, not only replaced the faulty photoelectric sensors but provided a non-contact solution for producing food products that do not require DC power. The RPS-450 is range-sensitive, enabling the sensor to detect only those objects within the desired range and reject all other objects.

Did You Know:

Some of the unique advantages of ultrasonics that make it “the technology that works” are:

  • Migatron Ultrasonic sensors are high in gain and can detect a target as small as a 0.40″ wire
  • Ultrasonic sensors can detect targets over long ranges of up to 20 feet, while capacitive and inductive sensors do not
  • Ultrasonic sensors can detect materials that are transparent, solid, liquid, porous, soft, or any color
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The RPS-450-72 Features:

  • A non-contact ultrasonic sensor that is perfect for their food product application
  • A sensor that is impervious to target material, surface, or color, solving their sensing problems with changing colors, dark colors, and irregular surfaces
  • A narrow sensing beam as required
  • A power input of 120VAC matching their available power supply
  • Easy mounting because this is a self-contained stud mount sensor
  • A sensing range of 10” to 72” will allow the customer to mount the sensor 3-4 feet from the target area as desired
  • A high frequency of 150Khz will eliminate false triggers due to ambient and background noise.
  • A solid-state sensor that has a virtually unlimited life span and maintenance free

Customer Satisfaction

The customer has purchased 50 sensors to date. These have worked perfectly for over 18 months. The customer has decided to standardize on Migatron’s ultrasonic sensors, exclusively.

The sensor’s range LED indicator illuminates red when the target is being detected. The customers found this to be a real-time saver during set-up. The RPS-450-72 provides the customer with precise proximity sensing, regardless of the color, density, or transparency of the target.

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