RPS-409A-IS2 Ultrasonic Sensor

Certified Safe for Use In Explosive Environments

  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Input Voltage 16-30 VDC
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • Analog Voltage Output
  • Short Circuit Protect
  • Sync/Tx Input Line
  • Various Sensing Ranges
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Temperature Compensation
  • LED Indicator
  • Self Contained Sensor
  • PPS Enclosure
  • No Training Required
Image of RPS-409A-IS2 sensor.

About the RPS-409A-IS2 Sensor

Migatron now offers an ultrasonic sensor that has been certified for use in hazardous and explosive environments. The RPS-409A-IS2 is one of the first sensors ever to receive an ANZEx certificate for use in Australia and New Zealand. It has also been certified in Europe, the United States and Canada. It can be used in hazardous gas or dust environments classified as Zone 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 or 22 for ANZEx/ATEX/IECEx and Class I, II or III for UL/cUL when used with approved intrinsic safety barrier(s). The RPS-409A-IS2 is completely sealed with an IP67 rating.

There are four different models available with the ability to measure distances ranging from 4 inches to 216 inches.

There is no calibration necessary and no training required. Just supply proper power to the unit and the output voltage will tell you precisely how far away the target is. For instance, the RPS-409A-40-IS2 measures distances in a range from 4 to 40 inches and produces 0.25 V for every inch between the unit and the target. When the target is four inches away, the output voltage is 1.00 V. When the target is ten inches away, the output voltage is 2.50 V and so on. This relationship is linear throughout the range of the unit, so it’s easy to translate output voltage into distance.

In addition to the analog output line, each sensor also has a Sync/Tx line which can be used for connecting multiple sensors together: Sync to prevent cross talk or Tx to control when the sensors transmit.

The RPS-409A-IS2 is designed to take advantage of today’s PLC and computer analog input cards. The numerical values that are programmed into the PLC or computer will determine the zero and span of the sensor.

Each unit is short-circuit protected for safety, and built-in temperature compensation provides accurate readings throughout the entire operating range.

An LED indicator on each unit is green when no target is detected and red when a target is within range.

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No Training Required. The Intelligence is Built In.

Migatron’s 409A sensors are pre-calibrated from the factory and require no training. With a linear relationship between voltage output and distance to the target, it’s a very straight-forward process to program any PLC to interpret the results.

The RPS-409A-40-IS2, for instance, yields 0.25 volts per inch. So when the target is placed four inches from the sensor, the output is 1.00 V. When the target is ten inches from the sensor, the output is 2.50 V. At forty inches, the output is 10.00 V. The chart below shows you the ranges, target distances and correlating output voltages for each of the four models available.

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RPS-409A-IS2 Certifications

Australia and New Zealand ANZEx 13.3010X
Ex ia I Ma, Ex ia IIC T4 Ga, Ex ia IIIC T101°C Da
Canada and USA UL/cUL File # E226209
Europe (CENELEC) DEMKO 12 ATEX 1103028X
I M1 / II 1 GD
IECEx IECEx UL 12.0001X
Ex ia I T4 Ma, Ex ia IIC T4 Ga, Ex ia IIIC T101°C Da

Four Models Available


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