• High Accuracy Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Input Voltage 20-30 VDC
  • Analog Current Output
  • Analog Voltage Output
  • Short Circuit Protected
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Self Contained Sensor
  • Quick Disconnect Connector
  • Stainless Steel Housing
Image for RPS-412A High Accuracy Ultrasonic Sensor

About the RPS-412A

The RPS-412A is a high accuracy analog ultrasonic sensor (±0.002″ or 0.05% of range, which ever is greater, at 25°C) with a resolution of 0.0005″. The sensor monitors and compensates for air temperature 50 times per second, using the temperature compensation bar located in front of the transducer. The RPS-412A comes in two versions, analog current output or analog voltage output.

The RPS-412A is designed to take advantage of today’s PLC and computer analog input cards. The analog input card will determine the resolution of the system. The analog-to-digital conversion should have, at least, 14 bit resolution. The numerical values programmed into the PLC or computer will determine the zero and span.

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Model Range Output
RPS-412A-10-A 3″ – 10″ 2.286 mA per Inch
RPS-412A-10-V 3″ – 10″ 1.000 V per Inch
RPS-412A-16-A 3″ – 16″ 1.231 mA per Inch
RPS-412A-16-V 3″ – 16″ 0.625 V per Inch
Accuracy: ±0.002″, or ±0.05% of range (which ever is greater) @ 25°C

±0.2% of range from 0 – 50°C

Resolution: 0.0005″
Power Input: 20-30VDC Reverse Polarity Protected
Input Current: 65mA Typical
Operating Temperature: 0 – 50°C or 32 – 122°F
Humidity: 0% -95% Non-Condensing
Output: Analog Voltage Output, Load 500 Ohms to Infinity, Short Circuit Protected

Analog Current Output, Load 0 Ohms to 500 Ohms Maximum, Short Circuit Protected

Transducer Frequency: 60kHz
Housing: Stainless Steel
Protection: IP10
Sample Rate: 20ms Typical
Update Time: 2s Maximum
Weight: 22 Ounces

Ordering Information

Part Number Range Output
RPS-412A-10-A 3 – 10″ 4 – 20mA Analog Current Output – Cable Sold Separately
RPS-412A-10-V 3 – 10″ 0 – 10VDC Analog Voltage Output – Cable Sold Separately
RPS-412A-16-A 3 – 16″ 4 – 20mA Analog Current Output – Cable Sold Separately
RPS-412A-16-V 3 – 16″ 0 – 10VDC Analog Voltage Output – Cable Sold Separately
F32-5001300 2 meter QD Cable, M12 5-Pin 22 AWG Shielded

Technical Information