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  • Analog Input
  • Snap Track Mount
  • Analog Output
  • DC Power In
  • One Adjustable Output
  • Form C Relay Output
  • Feed Through Sensor Excitation Power
  • WAGO Press Terminal Blocks

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The SPC-701 is an adjustable control with 1 setpoint. The setpoint is independently adjusted, and has a Form C relay output. This control can be used with any sensor or device that produces a 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10V or 2-10V analog output. The SPC-701 will work with all Migatron analog output sensors. Besides the 1 relay output, there is a 0-10V analog output. This output can be used to drive a meter or other analog drive controls. This analog output can feed a SPC-701 or SPC-704 to provide additional setpoints. The SPC-701 also provides 24 VDC excitation power at to drive input sensors. The SPC-701 has a signal averaging potentiometer that helps alleviate false trips during sudden signal changes.

The SPC-701 can be mounted on Snap Track, DIN rail (with optional DIN mounting plate. Part #7942742 ) or four studs. The terminal blocks are press to open for easy wiring. There is an easy to view bright LED that show the relay status. The SPC-701 is powered by 24VDC. There is an isolated feed thru path across the board that can be used as a wiring aid. The relay output can handle up to 3 amps. Power On Status LED.


Input:24VDC, no sensor 30 mA, with sensor up to 2A
Excitation Power:24VDC up to 2A
Analog Input:0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC, 2-10 VDC
Signal Input Resistance:(Voltage Input 100K Ohms) (Current Input 250 Ohms)
Set Point Range:(0-10 VDC) (0-20mA)
Set Point Hysteresis1%
Signal Averaging:(Voltage Input 0-1s per volt) (Current Input 0-.5s per mA)
Analog Output:0-10VDC with load resistance 1K to infinity
Relay Contacts:(Resistive Load, 2A@277AC and 3A@ 30VDC/125VAC)
Relay Contacts:(Inductive Load, 1A@125VAC)
Relay Switching Min:(Current 10MA) Max (Voltage 30VDC/277VAC)
Temperature Range:
-25 to 70 C or -13 to 158 F
Humidity:0 to 95% Non-Conducting

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
SPC-701Set point Controller, 1 Adjustable Output
F24-7942742 SPC-701DIN Rail Mounting Kit – Sold Separately
F24-7942744DIN Rail (6” section) – Sold Separately


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