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RPS-4000 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

  • Simple Calibration
  • Non-Contact
  • Temperature Comp.
  • Analog 4-20mA Output
  • Sensitivity Control
  • Level Sensor
  • Self-Contained
  • LED Indicator
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Level Control
  • Microprocessor Design

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The RPS-4000 self-contained long-range Ultrasonic Sensor provides level control of both liquid and bulk materials. This gives the user a viable alternative to bubblers, floats, capacitance probes, and pressure transmitters. The RPS-4000 Sensor has a 4 – 20m analog output and a sensing range of 40 feet.

The incorporation of a microprocessor design makes it possible to achieve signal conditioning. This gives the sensor the ability to process the return ultrasonic echo and distinguish between false targets and real targets. With the incorporation of a microprocessor into the design of the RPS-4000 many of the common problems facing long-range sensing applications have been overcome. Software is written to optimize the performance characteristics of the sensor. The artificial intelligence analyzes and conditions the return ultrasonic echo. This process filters out any false echoes and electrical noise. An additional task that the microprocessor does is temperature compensation.  Read more about our RPS-4000 by viewing our data sheet.


Operational Range:Adjustable 2 – 40′
Power Input:20 – 30VDC Reverse Polarity Protected
Input Current:125mA
Ambient Temperature:-20 – 60ºC or -5 – 140ºF
Humidity:0 – 95% Non-Condensing
Enclosure:PVC housing with PVC sensing face
Outputs:Current Sourcing Analog Output 4 – 20mA Inverted & Non-Inverted, Load 0 – 500 Ohm Maximum, Short Circuit Protected
Transducer Frequency:38kHz
Transmit Time:Transmit time equals the sensors maximum distance x 10ms. For example if the maximum programmed distance is 10′ the transmit time is 100ms.
Weight:15 ounces

Ordering Information

Part NumberRangeOutput
RPS-40002 – 40′4 – 20mA Analog – Cable Sold Separately
F32-50012722 meter QD Cable, 1/2″-20 6-Pin 22 AWG
F32-50012746 meter QD Cable, 1/2″-20 6-Pin 22 AWG


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