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Description of pump up/down control

This is a description of how the RPS-150 or the RPS-401 can be used as a two-point level control.

Pump Up
A. When the pump control relay is connected to the normally closed output of the sensor and the container is empty the pump will start up when power is applied. The container will fill until the liquid level rises to the range potentiometer setting.

B. This is the highest level. At this time the sensor output will change state and the pump will shut off. The output will latch in that state until the liquid level descends to the point where the hysteresis potentiometer is set.

C. This is the lowest level. At this point, the sensor will change state, turning on the pump and latch until the level rises to the range potentiometer setting again. Then the process repeats.

Pump Down

Wire the pump relay to the normally open contact. This will reverse the process.

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